Hale Cosmeceuticals – Almost Cooling Eye Gel


In 2014 when I attended the Midwest Show one of the vendors I stopped by was Hale Cosmeceuticals.  I picked up some info and at the time I was about to graduate and was obsessed with reading product ingredients. Of all the information I picked up I was most intrigued by this company mostly because they are based not to far from Chicago. Of my list of vendors to visit this year Hale was at the top.  I picked up quite a bit of different items one being this eye gel.  I work full time,  I have three very active kids, I am constantly running!  If at any time I am going to skip a step on my skin care regimen it is going to be my eye area. Why?  Because if I am slathering product all over my face, that is also including my eye area, Right?  Wrong!  The area around the eyes is so super delicate it is one of the first areas of your face to show aging, tiredness, or if you were up crying all night because Beth was killed off the Walking Dead and your heart hurts for Daryl!   He has come such a long way!

Environmental factors can cause all sorts of problems as well as the loss of collagen as we age.  Almost-Cooling Eye Gel is packed with Phospholipids , Phosphatidylocholine, and Squanlene which all are a close match for the lipids found naturally around  the eye area.  So essentially by applying the Gel you are replacing the lipids lost due to environmental stress, free radicals, and aging.

So I have been trying it out for a while now.  It is very cooling and refreshing. The one thing that I am finding is that I am having better results using an eye serum under the Gel.  I just got my Jade rollers in so I am seeing a huge improvement applying the gel and rolling it into the skin.  I am genetically prone to crows feet, I believe I have had them since I was born but I can say I am seeing a bit of a difference.  I am thinking overall the hydrating and the attention I am giving to the area instead of skipping over it is why I am noticing such a huge difference.  This product is not costly at all!  Its Less than a Blush from Lancome and since it is a professional product that is a steal!