Jade Stones

I have heard a lot of great things about Jade stones lately.  I have never really entertained the, “New Aged Crystal’s have healing powers,” until I had heard that Jade has like special powers! So I have been researching what people are saying about the Jade Stone and I find it very intriguing.  Some believe that the stone has healing powers  and will boost ones good fortune.  They also believe it is a guarding stone and will protect you against accidents and misfortunes.  Jade can even give you the strength to fight disease and sickness and can help with the heart, kidneys, and stomach.

Jade is the generic name for two types of Silicate Minerals,Jadeite and Nephrite.  Nephrite is found more often on earth than Jadeite which makes Nephrite less expensive.  Nephrite is an iron silicate containing magnesium and calcium and is a fibrous crystal.  Nephrite color ranges from dark green to a slight creamy grey green and can be found all over China.  Jadeite is aluminum silicate also containing sodium and is a grainy crystal. Jadeites color can range in the same green colors as nephrite but can also be found in red, yellow, orange, black, lavender and brown colors. Jadeite is comes mainly from Burma.

Some say that if you wear a piece of Jade for a period of time the Jade becomes your jade and can actually recognize you! (creepy) If you have a positive look on life, your jade weather it is a pendant, bracelet, or earrings will be bright and shiny.  If your Jade is bright and shiny it can also indicate good health.  If your Jade is dull and looks lifeless this is an indicator of a health issue or bad energy around you.  It is also said that wearing someone else’s Jade is useless because it will not recognize you and will not protect you. When wearing your Jade it is best to wear it closest to your heart.  Necklace of course will be close to your heart but if you have a ring or bracelet it is best to wear in on your left wrist or hand.  Now since Jade is a very very strong mineral, some say even stronger than diamonds, it is very hard to break or chip your Jade.  It is said that if your Jade breaks or chips that the Jade has taken some sort of hardship for you and has suffered for you. I think this is creepy. I often think some of my girls dolls are watching me now my Jade is going to be watching me!  But if it can help why not!

Now for my reason of interest!! Jade stone rollers are being incorporated into the massage portion of a facial.  I have learned that they are said to be helpful with Lymphatic Drainage, cell stimulation, cellulite, and can help smooth fine lines. I wish Jade was a liquid so I could bathe in it!  The roller stimulates circulation which in turn sends oxygen supply to the face giving you a radiant glow. This all makes sense to me.  Jade is a naturally cool stone so it will help with puffiness if anything.

With all that said I went ahead and purchased a few rollers I figured I can incorporate into a Jade stone facial. BUT the “jade recognizes the owner” has me creeped out!  So, the Jade roller will be going home with the client.  As soon as I get them in I will of course try it on my self first to see how it works out.  I will try to remember to take a before and after photo so I can post.  In the mean time I have been all over the net looking for my piece of jade and it is very difficult because I see a lot of dyed Jade.  I don’t know if that means its just dyed the color Jade or if it is dyed to enhance the jade,  Either way I will post my findings.

Have a great weekend!