Body Show – The Makeup Eraser

One of the items I picked up at the show is the Makeup Eraser.  I was very hesitant to purchase it since it was 25.00 and the presentation was poor but I like to try things for myself I dislike someone telling me something is for me, I like to figure it out for my self.

This vendor was on my lists of vendors to visit.  First let me say I am a new Esthetician but for the last 10+ years I have worked as a sales rep for linen, servicing Hospitals and Nursing Homes.  I know more about towels and sheets then anyone could care to know!  The looms on terry and the way fabrics are spun are not very interesting BUT I know them therefore I cannot stop myself from touching and inspecting fabrics where ever I go.  With that said I walked up to the booth and with out instruction started feeling this product and inspecting it like I was a scientist looking at a fossil.  Just as I had suspected it was polyester.

I was ready to put the cloth down when the rep came over to say hello.  After exchanging greeting she goes into her presentation.  I kind of dazed off in the beginning because of the cost of a 5 x 12 piece of polyester, but she caught my attention when she said. ” All you need is water.” Huh??  So I asked so do you put your cleanser on the cloth or cleanse afterwards?  ” No cleanser needed just the water its amazing!”   First of all you are at a show that is highlighting the best facial products and tools with state of the art delivering systems and you are telling me all I need is water?? Second, my cleanser is one of my tools in my routine!  Not only is it helping cleanse my skin but the ingredients are treating my skin!  The cloth is not going to help treat my pigmentation!  I buy it anyways because I want to see how this works,  I want to see if it traps makeup, and I want to see if I get 1000 washings out of it.

Yes, The cloth works. Yes it removes all EYE makeup!  I tried to remove a full face and checked after with toner and there were traces of makeup which is not good.  However, the cloth is excellent at getting the eye makeup removed with just water!  I would definitely recommend washing with a cleanser afterward.

Now is it worth the cost? In my opinion no. The cloth is basically brushed polyester, because I am a linen vendor I have different types of cloths available one being microfiber cloths.  I brought one home me and my daughter tried it out and worked the same way and at $8.45 a dozen they are a deal.  The looms are not as long but they work the same.

I would recommend the product BUT I would say check out New customers get 10% off and a few weeks ago they had the makeup eraser on sale for 13 dollars and change. Now that’s a marketable PRICE!  If you happened to be out at Wal-Mart I would recommend picking up a brushed microfiber cloth to just try it out if it doesn’t work you can always keep it to clean!!!

Happy Sunday!


2015 Face and Body Show finds

It has been quite a while since I last posted!  Anywho, I recently attended the Face and Body Show a few weekends ago and I was initially quite disappointed.  I went with a list of items i was to acquire, Hyaluronic acid, Sunscreen, new cleanser, face cleanser, brightening serums, and eye creams.  The Hair show was also the same weekend so I figured I could pick up a few things there too at a little discount.  So back to my disappointment, I was amazed at how many non-professional vendors were in attendance.  There were quite a few of those pyramid businesses there which I felt that if I was paying for admission to see skin care professionals and to learn about the newest technology then why why why am I hearing about a wrap that tightens tones and firms??? Do Not Get Me Wrong…. I have tried the wrap BUT this was to be a professional show with professional products!  So I get Home and felt like I wasted the day.  I don’t look in my bags I do not go over any info I just leave it there sitting on the table my big bag of disappointment…

Then I remember…. I did pick up a few items!  I would consider most of these items tools.  The ViaBuff body exfoliating sponge, The Makeup Eraser, SUN Spray Tan, and a few items from Hale Cosmeceuitals.  As i trial these items I will post my opinions on each product.  Currently I will say the Viabuff is amazing but I will save that for a later conversation.

Has anyone tried any of these items??