BIODERMA- Make-up Remover

Sensibio H2O 250 ml

A few months back I was shopping on Beautylish and I came across a “coming soon” ad about this Bioderma make-up remover so i entered my info to be notified once it became available.  I read a few of the reviews and everyone raved about the clean feeling they had after using the product to remove make-up.  So I left the site thinking it was rinse free facial cleanser not so much a make-up remover.  A few weeks ago I received a text from Amy at Beautylish telling me that the Bioderma had launched and I could use the link provided to purchase the product.  I was a little thrown off thinking the company text me and wants me to purchase through a link provided?  Umm… doesn’t seem right like who is trying to get my info?!  I brushed it off went on about my biz no other thoughts about the text.  Then last Tuesday I received another text from Amy at Beautylish saying that the 500ml with the free travel was running out and I should place my order.  I really really wanted to try this so I allowed Amy to help me place my order and even though she didn’t ask for personal personal info besides my Beautylish account info I was still a little nervous.  So she texts me thanks me and says I will get an email confirmation and thanked me even though I should had been thanking her.  I received my email confirmation which put me at ease.  This was Tuesday May 5, 2015 and on Thursday May 7, 2015 I came home to a box.  What did I order?  What was I expecting?  This couldn’t be my Bioderma because I thought it was shipping from California and I’m in Illinois so there is no way this could be my Bioderma.  I open it and there was this beautiful wrapped package with a Beautylish sticker.  It was so beautiful I didn’t want to break the seal because It was that beautiful! But I did!  Then there was a hand written note addressed to ME!  My daughter had a birthday party this weekend I wanted her to take it in the plastic bag we got from the store ( I did buy a gift-bag after) because I feel like who pays attention to the wrapping?!   But the time it took to write me a note and pack and wrap my order made me feel so special!!!  Best customer service ever!  Everything was so personalized and Amy at Beautylish doesn’t even realize she is my new best friend and I talk about her to everyone!

Ok, so on to the make-up remover I purchased both the Sensibio and the Sebium  for myself and my daughter to try.  I think they are great at removing make-up and are very refreshing. There is a very clean make up free feeling after use and my skin did not feel tight at all.   However,  I don’t think that one should rely on it as a facial cleanser because your cleanser is treating your skin Bioderma is just removing the makeup and all the junk collected throughout your day.  I think it would be an awesome tool to use after going to the gym.  Also, and know my child is guilty of not washing her face because she is too lazy,  this would be a great better than nothing wash.  The travel size is perfect for on the go washing.  Overall I think this is a great product and I will repurchase again I am so glad my Bff Amy text me!