BIODERMA- Make-up Remover

Sensibio H2O 250 ml

A few months back I was shopping on Beautylish and I came across a “coming soon” ad about this Bioderma make-up remover so i entered my info to be notified once it became available.  I read a few of the reviews and everyone raved about the clean feeling they had after using the product to remove make-up.  So I left the site thinking it was rinse free facial cleanser not so much a make-up remover.  A few weeks ago I received a text from Amy at Beautylish telling me that the Bioderma had launched and I could use the link provided to purchase the product.  I was a little thrown off thinking the company text me and wants me to purchase through a link provided?  Umm… doesn’t seem right like who is trying to get my info?!  I brushed it off went on about my biz no other thoughts about the text.  Then last Tuesday I received another text from Amy at Beautylish saying that the 500ml with the free travel was running out and I should place my order.  I really really wanted to try this so I allowed Amy to help me place my order and even though she didn’t ask for personal personal info besides my Beautylish account info I was still a little nervous.  So she texts me thanks me and says I will get an email confirmation and thanked me even though I should had been thanking her.  I received my email confirmation which put me at ease.  This was Tuesday May 5, 2015 and on Thursday May 7, 2015 I came home to a box.  What did I order?  What was I expecting?  This couldn’t be my Bioderma because I thought it was shipping from California and I’m in Illinois so there is no way this could be my Bioderma.  I open it and there was this beautiful wrapped package with a Beautylish sticker.  It was so beautiful I didn’t want to break the seal because It was that beautiful! But I did!  Then there was a hand written note addressed to ME!  My daughter had a birthday party this weekend I wanted her to take it in the plastic bag we got from the store ( I did buy a gift-bag after) because I feel like who pays attention to the wrapping?!   But the time it took to write me a note and pack and wrap my order made me feel so special!!!  Best customer service ever!  Everything was so personalized and Amy at Beautylish doesn’t even realize she is my new best friend and I talk about her to everyone!

Ok, so on to the make-up remover I purchased both the Sensibio and the Sebium  for myself and my daughter to try.  I think they are great at removing make-up and are very refreshing. There is a very clean make up free feeling after use and my skin did not feel tight at all.   However,  I don’t think that one should rely on it as a facial cleanser because your cleanser is treating your skin Bioderma is just removing the makeup and all the junk collected throughout your day.  I think it would be an awesome tool to use after going to the gym.  Also, and know my child is guilty of not washing her face because she is too lazy,  this would be a great better than nothing wash.  The travel size is perfect for on the go washing.  Overall I think this is a great product and I will repurchase again I am so glad my Bff Amy text me!


Hale Cosmeceuticals – Almost Cooling Eye Gel


In 2014 when I attended the Midwest Show one of the vendors I stopped by was Hale Cosmeceuticals.  I picked up some info and at the time I was about to graduate and was obsessed with reading product ingredients. Of all the information I picked up I was most intrigued by this company mostly because they are based not to far from Chicago. Of my list of vendors to visit this year Hale was at the top.  I picked up quite a bit of different items one being this eye gel.  I work full time,  I have three very active kids, I am constantly running!  If at any time I am going to skip a step on my skin care regimen it is going to be my eye area. Why?  Because if I am slathering product all over my face, that is also including my eye area, Right?  Wrong!  The area around the eyes is so super delicate it is one of the first areas of your face to show aging, tiredness, or if you were up crying all night because Beth was killed off the Walking Dead and your heart hurts for Daryl!   He has come such a long way!

Environmental factors can cause all sorts of problems as well as the loss of collagen as we age.  Almost-Cooling Eye Gel is packed with Phospholipids , Phosphatidylocholine, and Squanlene which all are a close match for the lipids found naturally around  the eye area.  So essentially by applying the Gel you are replacing the lipids lost due to environmental stress, free radicals, and aging.

So I have been trying it out for a while now.  It is very cooling and refreshing. The one thing that I am finding is that I am having better results using an eye serum under the Gel.  I just got my Jade rollers in so I am seeing a huge improvement applying the gel and rolling it into the skin.  I am genetically prone to crows feet, I believe I have had them since I was born but I can say I am seeing a bit of a difference.  I am thinking overall the hydrating and the attention I am giving to the area instead of skipping over it is why I am noticing such a huge difference.  This product is not costly at all!  Its Less than a Blush from Lancome and since it is a professional product that is a steal!

Body Show – The Makeup Eraser

One of the items I picked up at the show is the Makeup Eraser.  I was very hesitant to purchase it since it was 25.00 and the presentation was poor but I like to try things for myself I dislike someone telling me something is for me, I like to figure it out for my self.

This vendor was on my lists of vendors to visit.  First let me say I am a new Esthetician but for the last 10+ years I have worked as a sales rep for linen, servicing Hospitals and Nursing Homes.  I know more about towels and sheets then anyone could care to know!  The looms on terry and the way fabrics are spun are not very interesting BUT I know them therefore I cannot stop myself from touching and inspecting fabrics where ever I go.  With that said I walked up to the booth and with out instruction started feeling this product and inspecting it like I was a scientist looking at a fossil.  Just as I had suspected it was polyester.

I was ready to put the cloth down when the rep came over to say hello.  After exchanging greeting she goes into her presentation.  I kind of dazed off in the beginning because of the cost of a 5 x 12 piece of polyester, but she caught my attention when she said. ” All you need is water.” Huh??  So I asked so do you put your cleanser on the cloth or cleanse afterwards?  ” No cleanser needed just the water its amazing!”   First of all you are at a show that is highlighting the best facial products and tools with state of the art delivering systems and you are telling me all I need is water?? Second, my cleanser is one of my tools in my routine!  Not only is it helping cleanse my skin but the ingredients are treating my skin!  The cloth is not going to help treat my pigmentation!  I buy it anyways because I want to see how this works,  I want to see if it traps makeup, and I want to see if I get 1000 washings out of it.

Yes, The cloth works. Yes it removes all EYE makeup!  I tried to remove a full face and checked after with toner and there were traces of makeup which is not good.  However, the cloth is excellent at getting the eye makeup removed with just water!  I would definitely recommend washing with a cleanser afterward.

Now is it worth the cost? In my opinion no. The cloth is basically brushed polyester, because I am a linen vendor I have different types of cloths available one being microfiber cloths.  I brought one home me and my daughter tried it out and worked the same way and at $8.45 a dozen they are a deal.  The looms are not as long but they work the same.

I would recommend the product BUT I would say check out New customers get 10% off and a few weeks ago they had the makeup eraser on sale for 13 dollars and change. Now that’s a marketable PRICE!  If you happened to be out at Wal-Mart I would recommend picking up a brushed microfiber cloth to just try it out if it doesn’t work you can always keep it to clean!!!

Happy Sunday!

2015 Face and Body Show finds

It has been quite a while since I last posted!  Anywho, I recently attended the Face and Body Show a few weekends ago and I was initially quite disappointed.  I went with a list of items i was to acquire, Hyaluronic acid, Sunscreen, new cleanser, face cleanser, brightening serums, and eye creams.  The Hair show was also the same weekend so I figured I could pick up a few things there too at a little discount.  So back to my disappointment, I was amazed at how many non-professional vendors were in attendance.  There were quite a few of those pyramid businesses there which I felt that if I was paying for admission to see skin care professionals and to learn about the newest technology then why why why am I hearing about a wrap that tightens tones and firms??? Do Not Get Me Wrong…. I have tried the wrap BUT this was to be a professional show with professional products!  So I get Home and felt like I wasted the day.  I don’t look in my bags I do not go over any info I just leave it there sitting on the table my big bag of disappointment…

Then I remember…. I did pick up a few items!  I would consider most of these items tools.  The ViaBuff body exfoliating sponge, The Makeup Eraser, SUN Spray Tan, and a few items from Hale Cosmeceuitals.  As i trial these items I will post my opinions on each product.  Currently I will say the Viabuff is amazing but I will save that for a later conversation.

Has anyone tried any of these items??

Jade Stones

I have heard a lot of great things about Jade stones lately.  I have never really entertained the, “New Aged Crystal’s have healing powers,” until I had heard that Jade has like special powers! So I have been researching what people are saying about the Jade Stone and I find it very intriguing.  Some believe that the stone has healing powers  and will boost ones good fortune.  They also believe it is a guarding stone and will protect you against accidents and misfortunes.  Jade can even give you the strength to fight disease and sickness and can help with the heart, kidneys, and stomach.

Jade is the generic name for two types of Silicate Minerals,Jadeite and Nephrite.  Nephrite is found more often on earth than Jadeite which makes Nephrite less expensive.  Nephrite is an iron silicate containing magnesium and calcium and is a fibrous crystal.  Nephrite color ranges from dark green to a slight creamy grey green and can be found all over China.  Jadeite is aluminum silicate also containing sodium and is a grainy crystal. Jadeites color can range in the same green colors as nephrite but can also be found in red, yellow, orange, black, lavender and brown colors. Jadeite is comes mainly from Burma.

Some say that if you wear a piece of Jade for a period of time the Jade becomes your jade and can actually recognize you! (creepy) If you have a positive look on life, your jade weather it is a pendant, bracelet, or earrings will be bright and shiny.  If your Jade is bright and shiny it can also indicate good health.  If your Jade is dull and looks lifeless this is an indicator of a health issue or bad energy around you.  It is also said that wearing someone else’s Jade is useless because it will not recognize you and will not protect you. When wearing your Jade it is best to wear it closest to your heart.  Necklace of course will be close to your heart but if you have a ring or bracelet it is best to wear in on your left wrist or hand.  Now since Jade is a very very strong mineral, some say even stronger than diamonds, it is very hard to break or chip your Jade.  It is said that if your Jade breaks or chips that the Jade has taken some sort of hardship for you and has suffered for you. I think this is creepy. I often think some of my girls dolls are watching me now my Jade is going to be watching me!  But if it can help why not!

Now for my reason of interest!! Jade stone rollers are being incorporated into the massage portion of a facial.  I have learned that they are said to be helpful with Lymphatic Drainage, cell stimulation, cellulite, and can help smooth fine lines. I wish Jade was a liquid so I could bathe in it!  The roller stimulates circulation which in turn sends oxygen supply to the face giving you a radiant glow. This all makes sense to me.  Jade is a naturally cool stone so it will help with puffiness if anything.

With all that said I went ahead and purchased a few rollers I figured I can incorporate into a Jade stone facial. BUT the “jade recognizes the owner” has me creeped out!  So, the Jade roller will be going home with the client.  As soon as I get them in I will of course try it on my self first to see how it works out.  I will try to remember to take a before and after photo so I can post.  In the mean time I have been all over the net looking for my piece of jade and it is very difficult because I see a lot of dyed Jade.  I don’t know if that means its just dyed the color Jade or if it is dyed to enhance the jade,  Either way I will post my findings.

Have a great weekend!

Vitamin C and the skin

OK i have always know that Vitamin C is good for your health. Internally Vitamin C strengths the immune system and protects from disease and reduces risk of stroke.   I recently learned just how great it can be for your skin too.  Vitamin C plays a vital role in maintaining our skin.  Vitamin C is an antioxidant that slows the rate of free radical damage.    Free radicals damage the skins collagen and causes dryness, fine lines, and wrinkles. Collagen is a key proteins that aids in the growth of cells and blood vessels and gives skin its firmness and strength.  By using Vitamin C topically it stimulates  the fibroblasts that increases collagen production and helps the skin repair itself.  Vitamin C topically applied to the skin is 10x more beneficial the the skin then taken orally.  I started using PCA C-Quench A few weeks ago.  I have noticed a difference in texture and my skin looks brighter. 


Next time you are in for a facial ask your Esty what she would recommend!

Have a super great day!


Dry brushing your skin

     Ever heard of dry brushing?  Most people have and it is something I have been wanting to try for a long time.  Before doing a body treatments at school we brush the skin vigorously to stimulate the skin.  Does it work? I have no clue I can only assume.  But I did a search on this technique and have found that there are many benefits to dry brushing your entire body. 

     Since the skin is the largest organ of the body it only makes sense to take care of it the same way we take care of the rest of our body. The skin is responsible for about a quarter of our bodies daily detoxification.  It eliminates over a pound of waste products on average.  So basically we are walking around and shedding.  When reading the fact that, the skin is the last to receive nutrients in the body but the first to show signs of and imbalance, I knew I was ready to try this.  

I headed over to bed bath and beyond and picked out a brush.  Super cheap too think it was like $4.99.  So I went home and was like great now what?!  So before taking a shower i just casually brushed my skin.  Later while laying in bed I thought there has to be a system or an order in which you apply the massage/brushing. Give me a protocol!!  Back to the net I went.  I found hundreds of how to books that I was not willing to wait to be mailed out to me.  I read about two doctors one from Europe and one from the US that were highly recommended but could not for the life of me find their technique. Finally I found a website who had a wonderful step by step tutorial on how to dry brushed based off of the Euro Doctor.  Basically brushing in the way your lymphatic system runs. DUH! I tried it again last night.  Felt like I was actually doing something here!  After I was done I jumped in the shower and while washing up I realized most of these moves is the way you wash your body. I can do this!

They say it takes about a month to see a difference meaning tighter skin, tone muscles, reduction in cellulite, etc.   I usually give up on things like that sooner because I need instant gratification But seeing that the only other activity i provide my skin is ribbing lotion on I will definitely continue to dry brush for at least a month!

Enzymes in skin care



What are Enzymes?  Enzymes are a substance that is produced by a living organism.  They act as a catalyst to bring on a biochemical reaction.  What is a catalyst?  A catalyst is a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction without undergoing any permanent chemical change.  When I first thought of the word Enzyme in class I thought ooooh must me some molecule made in a lab and must be super expensive if you could find it in a product. NO! 

First let me say, I am a product whore.  You can tell me that if you buy my product for x amount of dollars it will tighten your skin in a month.  I will buy it.  Pretty package, I will buy it. B1G1, I will buy it.  JLo uses it, I WILL BUY IT!  Now finding out that the most important tools I will use as an esthetican will be my products I have to know what is in them.  And let me say I am pissed!  I have wasted so much money and time on crap products. 

About two years ago i read in a magazine about how to DYI at home pumpkin mask.  The article gave no explanation of why all it said was it would brighten my skin, so I did it.  I had a burning sensation, my face was hot and red.  The next day I was glowing and smooth.  I believe this article is what had me truly interested into getting into the field of skincare.  

Now finding out the reason why my skin reacted the way it did was because of the enzyme that was derived from the pumpkin. Amazing right?  Although enzymes can be found in various fruits they are not always stable.  

Enzymes have many functions but what are they really doing to our skin?   Well, they exfoliate the skin by digesting the keratin cells. They also brighten the skin as well as lighten dark spots.  Some enzymes reduce the amount of oil and hydrate. 

I am in love with using enzyme therapy’s as an exfoliate.   I have to say that Skin Script has an amazing line of enzymes.  I recently tried the orange-berry enzyme from Skin Script and it was amazing.  There was some slight heat to my skin and redness.  After my skin was smooth, supple, and glowing!