2015 Face and Body Show finds

It has been quite a while since I last posted!  Anywho, I recently attended the Face and Body Show a few weekends ago and I was initially quite disappointed.  I went with a list of items i was to acquire, Hyaluronic acid, Sunscreen, new cleanser, face cleanser, brightening serums, and eye creams.  The Hair show was also the same weekend so I figured I could pick up a few things there too at a little discount.  So back to my disappointment, I was amazed at how many non-professional vendors were in attendance.  There were quite a few of those pyramid businesses there which I felt that if I was paying for admission to see skin care professionals and to learn about the newest technology then why why why am I hearing about a wrap that tightens tones and firms??? Do Not Get Me Wrong…. I have tried the wrap BUT this was to be a professional show with professional products!  So I get Home and felt like I wasted the day.  I don’t look in my bags I do not go over any info I just leave it there sitting on the table my big bag of disappointment…

Then I remember…. I did pick up a few items!  I would consider most of these items tools.  The ViaBuff body exfoliating sponge, The Makeup Eraser, SUN Spray Tan, and a few items from Hale Cosmeceuitals.  As i trial these items I will post my opinions on each product.  Currently I will say the Viabuff is amazing but I will save that for a later conversation.

Has anyone tried any of these items??


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