Enzymes in skin care



What are Enzymes?  Enzymes are a substance that is produced by a living organism.  They act as a catalyst to bring on a biochemical reaction.  What is a catalyst?  A catalyst is a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction without undergoing any permanent chemical change.  When I first thought of the word Enzyme in class I thought ooooh must me some molecule made in a lab and must be super expensive if you could find it in a product. NO! 

First let me say, I am a product whore.  You can tell me that if you buy my product for x amount of dollars it will tighten your skin in a month.  I will buy it.  Pretty package, I will buy it. B1G1, I will buy it.  JLo uses it, I WILL BUY IT!  Now finding out that the most important tools I will use as an esthetican will be my products I have to know what is in them.  And let me say I am pissed!  I have wasted so much money and time on crap products. 

About two years ago i read in a magazine about how to DYI at home pumpkin mask.  The article gave no explanation of why all it said was it would brighten my skin, so I did it.  I had a burning sensation, my face was hot and red.  The next day I was glowing and smooth.  I believe this article is what had me truly interested into getting into the field of skincare.  

Now finding out the reason why my skin reacted the way it did was because of the enzyme that was derived from the pumpkin. Amazing right?  Although enzymes can be found in various fruits they are not always stable.  

Enzymes have many functions but what are they really doing to our skin?   Well, they exfoliate the skin by digesting the keratin cells. They also brighten the skin as well as lighten dark spots.  Some enzymes reduce the amount of oil and hydrate. 

I am in love with using enzyme therapy’s as an exfoliate.   I have to say that Skin Script has an amazing line of enzymes.  I recently tried the orange-berry enzyme from Skin Script and it was amazing.  There was some slight heat to my skin and redness.  After my skin was smooth, supple, and glowing! 



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